E-Mail Marketing

Small businesses and non-profit organizations depend on us to send their email marketing campaigns. Whether you’re sending an email newsletter to a dozen loyal fans or an email marketing promotion to 10,000, we simplify your marketing so you can conquer the ten million other things on your to-do list. That’s why we’re one of the largest, fastest growing and trusted email marketing providers around.

Whether you’re a rookie just starting out, or a seasoned email marketing pro, 121 Marketing provides all of the tools you’ll need. With over 500 email templates and multiple email creation work flows to choose from, you can be confident we are the solution that will get you results. Absolutely no technical expertise required.

You are losing money if you are not following up with customers on a regular basis. How much money you ask? Try us out and let us show you.

121 Marketing is committed to ensuring your email marketing gets delivered. We use the most advanced methods in the industry and partner with ReturnPath to authenticate your email and ensure consistently high delivery rates. This allows you to focus on what counts: your relationship with your customers.

With our flexible pricing, you choose the payment method that works best for you. We can send unlimited emails with a low monthly subscription, or Pay as you go – making email marketing affordable for any small business.