Attention to Detail – Clerical Ability Test


Attention to Detail

In the Attention Detail test you are presented with three names, numbers or addresses. You have to determine whether one of these are different from the other two, or if there is no difference between the three.

You have 3 minutes to solve as many questions as you can.
A correct answer will add 1 to your score while an incorrect answer will subtract 1 from your score. Therefore, work fast but precise


Click ‘Continue’ to try two sample questions before starting the actual test.






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Attention to Detail

Please note that in the real test you will not be able to navigate back and forth between questions. In the real test, when clicking on an answer option the next question will show immediately.

Solve as many as you can in 3 minutes. Reminder fast but precise


When you are ready, Enter your name then click ‘Begin’ to start the real test.








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Question: 1/2




Which is different from the other two?










How did I do?

Low: Less than 7
Bellow Average: 7-9
Average: 10-12
Above Average: 13-15
High: Above 15