How to Get Traffic from Google

Google is the “Goliath” Of the search engines, with over 50% share of the search market. It is their ability to brand themselves, which sets them apart. “Google” and “Search” have almost become synonymous.

The following links will take you to articles about Google and how to make your site Google-successful.

Google Uncovered – Learn all about Google: their market share, their history, how to submit, what on-page and off-page factors are most effective, etc.

Google Inclusion – Learn what you need to do in order to get included in Google’s index.

Google Aging Delay – Learn why new sites are ranking well in Yahoo! and MSN, but not Google.

Google PageRank Uncovered – Understand the system that Google calls “PageRank” and how it refers to the popularity and trust of your web pages.

Google Linking Strategy – Learn the proper ways to link external and internal links for maximum benefit with Google.

Non-WWW Redirect (Fixing Internal Duplicate Content)Most sites have problems with internal duplicate content in their site with Google. What you may not know is the fix takes about 8 minutes once you know what to do.

Google vs. Inktomi – Learn the differences between GoogleBot and Inktomi (Yahoo!) and what each want from your page.

Google AdSense – Learn all about the process of displaying ads from Google on your website and earning an income from your “exit traffic.”

Q&A with GoogleGuy – While this was done in 2003, you can learn a lot from “GoogleGuy,” otherwise known as Matt Cutts.

The Google Algorithm Revealed – The origin of the species regarding the Google algorithm. Guest article by Darren Yates.

Google Sandbox – Learn about the “Sandbox” and what it can mean and do to your website.

Google Sandbox Effect – Proving ground or Penalty? Additional insight into the Sandbox.

Site Architecture Tips from Vanessa Fox – From SES London in February 2007, Vanessa Fox delivers an excellent summary on how to create solid site architecture. Fox also explains how the Webmaster Tools her team has created will ensure Google can index your site properly.

Top Google Rankings in Three Days – Don’t believe the hype! Jerry West’s examination of over hyped articles.

Google Dance – While the “Google Dance” is no more, learn about what it was, when it was done and what it meant to Webmasters.

Google Patent Review – Historical data behind the world’s most powerful search engine.

Update Florida – Google historical archive. For those not lucky enough to have experienced it first-hand.

Meta Tags for Google – Learn about the Meta Tags Google actually reads and how they can benefit your site.